Thursday, September 2, 2010

Marysville School Park Update

We have some new pictures by Josh Partee of the Marysville School Playground. These pictures focus on a key design element of the grass mounds. Inspired by some of Maya Lin's work, they have proved to be a popular play area that was modest in cost. It is interesting to watch kids use these grass hills, they seem driven to run up, run down, run around and run through them. They also devise games - usually centered around possession of one hill or another. The hills also create small amphitheaters for more structured activities and are used as seating areas to hang out while overlooking other parts of the park.

The school district does not have the budget to maintain a manicured park so the intent is that the hills will eventually have a more rustic landscape character and not require frequent mowing to be functional. Elsewhere in the Park some of the play walls have been tagged, despite our attempt to use contrasting painted strips to make them less attractive to taggers. Unfortunately the school remains closed because of the fire, however, the community makes good use of the Park.

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