Monday, February 26, 2018

Skyliner Mobile Cabin

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A custom design for a split level mobile cabin featuring a sky lounge above a sleeping alcove.  The trailer is 21'3" x 7'10" (total length 24'3") and has a total height from ground of 13'3".  The bed is 6' x 6'8" and additional sleeping accommodations can be made in the sky lounge.  The design utilizes a wet bath and has an almost 8' long kitchen counter.  

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Boats of Yaquina Bay

The fishing fleet docked in Yaquina Bay in Newport Oregon, has always intrigued me.  The boats are all designed for function yet at the same time reflect elegant nautical shapes and lines.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Landing , Revisited

Revisiting a project I designed 30 years ago is always interesting.  I believe buildings should be designed to evolve over time.  You see this in homes where successive owners modify or add to a house to reflect their personal needs and lifestyle.  Commercial buildings evolve as tenants or retail patterns change.

The Landing riverfront condominiums in Portland, Oregon, have not changed except in one way.   The mature landscape with full grown trees has softened the buildings and created a park like setting that was hard to imagine when they first opened.  The project combined expensive riverfront units with much lower priced units located behind.  The riverfront units were unusual for the time since they were a 50' wide concrete shell where each unit was designed and custom built for each buyer.

The buildings haven't really changed, the solid horizontal and vertical forms with stepped terraces, reflect 1980's style, yet still look contemporary and substantive today.  The full grown trees now have created a quiet park like setting that comfortably connects the two building types in a way that didn't happen 30 years ago.