Thursday, January 31, 2013

Contemporary House 5 Interior Views

Each level opens to another level or out onto an exterior terrace making this small 1860 sf house feel much larger than it actually is.

The Plan for this Contemporary home can be seen here.

Exterior Views here.

Contemporary House 5 Exterior Views

A stone base anchors this design into the hillside.  Five levels step up the hillside crowned by a tower loft with wrap around windows to maximise view.

The plan for this design can be seen here.

Interior views are here.

Contemporary House Plan 5

This Contemporary House plan recalls split level houses popular in the 60's. Many un-built residential lots available in urban areas slope up hill from the street since this is the hardest site condition in which to place the average house plan.  This design steps up the hill from street level in half story levels.  

Each activity, or use, is separated by a level rather than room walls. This house is 1860 sf with two bedrooms (with attached baths) and mezzanine/loft.  Each level shares space or volume with other levels creating an open and spacious feel.  There are no hallways in this plan.  Circulation space is shared with adjacent spaces making each larger and even the stairs share in the same volume of space.  

The Kitchen-Dining area is a convenient half level up from the garage.  The Living area is another half level up, though still overlooking the Kitchen area for open communication between spaces.  A half level above the Living area is the Mezzanine area.  This space overlooks both the Living and Kitchen areas.  The railing is a built in desk with ample workspace for home office or projects.  A recessed day bed can be used for reading or the occasional overnight guest.  Each of the two Bedrooms are a level of their own.  Each attached bathroom is within the bedroom space separated by a storage cabinet to make the room feel larger.  The top of the central stair is a loft, which can be opened to Bedroom 2, to take advantage of the view.  The tower also can act as an effective heat exhaust for the house as is done in many desert climates.

Exterior views of the house can be seen here.

Interior views here.