Monday, July 22, 2013

Minimum Island House Plan


This design looks at what is the minimum needed for an Island vacation home.  Two bedroom suites, a kitchen and utility room make up the enclosed portion of this 680 sf house.  The rest of the living area is outside or under roof cover.  An entry courtyard on the windward side of the house buffers the wind force as well as provide an outdoor room with sun bed and sitting area. The main living area is an open verandah facing the view on the leeward side of the house.  A work alcove and a media alcove have sliding doors to be locked off when not in residence.  Each bedroom suite has a private walled garden with a rain shower.  The kitchen also opens to the outdoor living area with lockable sliding doors and has a washer and dryer.  A utility room is provided for storage and mechanical components.

The simplicity of this plan creates a very spacious and casual environment while providing all the functional needs for an Island hideaway.

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