Thursday, November 21, 2013

Custom Motorhome Design 3

                                                             © MCM Design 2013, All Rights Reserved
                                                              © MCM Design 2013, All Rights Reserved
This is a design for a Class "B" motorhome using the Sprinter Extended Body van (perspectives show Long Body van).  The concept here is to make a comfortable (though narrow) living environment that efficiently utilizes all the space available.  The sofa/bed and revolving sprinter passenger seats form the seating area which looks out the large van door.  A sliding screen is available for this door allowing the inside to open to the outside in a way not possible in most conventional RV's.  A long kitchen counter provides flat space to place things and easily make meals, something almost totally lacking in Class "B's".  The wet bath, with teak floor mat, uses a little more than half of the van width in the back, the rest will be a storage garage for chairs, mechanical items, toys.  The batteries will also be placed here under a platform.  The outside wall of the bath will be used for hanging items such as hoses or portable solar panels, all accessible from the rear van doors.  The exterior would be kept clear of attachments as in my other RV designs.  Ideally this unit would be mostly electric with large battery capacity, solar recharging, and utilizing diesel systems for water and air heating rather than propane.  The advantage to an RV of this size is the possibility of visiting urban areas and at least have a chance of being able to park downtown without giving up the comfort of a similar length Class "C".

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