Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Guest Views of Jumby Bay

Guests sometimes take the most interesting photos of resorts during their stay. These are a series of Jumby Bay Resort building exteriors taken by guests that illustrate some of the design concepts we used.

This shot above shows how the new rooms (on the right) are set way back from the beach on a slight rise and backed up against the native vegetation so they do not dominate the landscape. For many years different hotel consultants pressured the owner to line the rooms right at the edge of the beach, because this is the way it has always been done and is what guests want. The result is that you have rooms looking down on you as you lay on the beach and from the rooms you have people right at the doorstep who are using the beach. At Jumby Bay we use the large lawns as a foreground to your view of the water and to also assure your privacy as you sit on your terrace.

The buildings as seen from the waterfront side are designed so that you can't really distinguish each individual room. Staggered roofs and a variation of building masses create a comfortable collection of buildings that read more residential than commercial hotel.

From the entry side layering of tiled roofs with deep overhangs are the main architectural characteristic of the buildings. The "architecture of roofs", which is very common in tropical climates. The buildings are softened both with gently curving courtyard walls and the use of soft colors to contrast with the intense landscape. Eventually the lush landscape will hide the building walls and all you will see are roofs.

The courtyard walls not only give the rooms privacy from the entry side, they also break the force of the trade winds so that guests can leave their doors open to naturally cool the room. There are no cars on the private island so bike parking is provided at each entry gate.

The entry to each room is through an exterior courtyard with large mahogany gates. The entry sequence is designed as a series of passages that allow a guest to relax as they approach their room.

This is the front door to their room which allows a view all the way through to the sea beyond. Again, because this door is on a courtyard they can leave it open for natural through ventilation and not have to rely on air-conditioning - which requires them to sit in a closed room rather than enjoy the beautiful outdoor Island environment.