Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hawaii House 2

Plan © 2010 MCM Architects ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Designed to sit on a steep hillside overlooking the ocean, this home has large open terraces looking out to the ocean view on one side and a rich shaded water garden environment on the opposite that is protected from the wind. Each room is a separate building linked by covered walkways that travel along an inner waterway that has a lush rock garden backdrop. Two Bali's sit in the waterway as places to get away to read or nap in the cool shade. The linear plan is organized with the living room in the center and rooms for the owner on one side, and areas for guests on the other. Downstairs on the owner's side (not shown) is a personal gym and wine storage/tasting grotto, downstairs on the guest side are additional guest rooms.

The roofs are designed to be a large umbrella over the home. A continuous row of horizontal windows and/or louvers elevate the roof off the walls, emphasizing the open air quality of the house, as well as providing natural ventilation. The structure is post and beam with modular wood paneling infill. Ceilings have bamboo matting inset between rafters. Local lava rock is used as a base to the building as well as for freestanding walls that block the view into the house from uphill neighbors.