Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Mobile Cabin

This is a hybrid concept that is part mobile home, part modular building and part RV. The idea is to have a cabin with the flexibility to be set up for longer term stays on a scenic parcel of purchased or leased land, or for shorter duration on open camping areas of BLM managed lands.  Once you have enjoyed that area for a month, or a season, to then be able to move it to storage or another location, leaving the land relatively undisturbed.

The dimensions of 32' long, 8'5"wide and 12'5" tall make it similar to a large travel trailer.  The large windows and modular deck system make it more like living in a second home, but without having to make the decision of where to build; the beach, lakeside, mountains, or desert. One can get to know and explore an area better with a longer stay, rather than the typical transient RV stop in a crowded park or campground.

The interior is very simple and clean so the focus is out the window at whatever beautiful landscape you have set up your Mobile Cabin in.  There is a large storage room, a living area, a sleeping area and a bath with open shower.  A 12 foot counter looking out at the view can be used for dining, spreading out work or an art project.  A wrap-around built-in seating area can also be used as another bed.

When it is time to move on, you can hire a company to move it to storage or the next location, thereby being able to enjoy a mobile lifestyle without the stress and fatigue of towing or driving a large RV.

My design for a Class C Motorhome can be seen here and here.

My design for a Class B Motorhome can be seen here.

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