Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canstruction Portland

MCM partnered for this years Canstruction food drive with Emerick Construction and Degenenkolb Engineers of Portland -- to "Putting the Screws on Hunger". This is an annual event to benefit the Oregon Food Bank and our sculpture this year was made out of 5,000 tuna cans with a base of noodles, cream of mushroom soup, and canned peas. Everything to make a tuna noodle casserole and all to be donated to the food bank.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Island House Plan 2

Island Plan 2 draws design inspiration from Japanese architecture, combined with our Island concept of each room being a building of its own for maximum privacy and to facilitate natural ventilation. Wide six foot roof overhangs create covered connections between buildings as well as providing shade and wind protection to the open rooms within. The design orients around an entry courtyard, a central Great Room and a Kitchen Dining pavilion. The Great Room has large sliding glass doors on four sides allowing it to be opened up as an outdoor Lanai, while also allowing wind control by closing sides toward windward for greater comfort. The buildings are laid out so there are through vistas allowing glimpses of water views, no matter where you area.

Each Guest Suite has a terrace overlooking the water and each bath has sliding doors that open the bath onto private walled garden courtyards. The outdoor spaces between buildings are each developed with unique landscape and water features for a variety of garden environments within the house. The naturally shaped infinity pool has terraces and wood decks cascading down to the pool's edge with both sunny areas and shady spots to enjoy the view. Using wood decks as the lowest terrace allows the house to perch lightly over the rocks and natural landscape when viewed from the water. From the entry, or street side, the house appears low and unassuming, and it is not until you walk through a portico do you see the buildings set in gardens with the sea beyond. Only when a guest is seated in the Great Room does the whole house and it's site present itself through the large windows and doors on four sides. This is a very Japanese concept of unfolding the view of a house, culminating when a guest is comfortably seated and can appreciate the full setting and hospitality of the host.