Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Modern House Plan 2 Exteriors

The plan for Modern House 2 can be seen here.

The interiors here.

Modern House Plan 2 Interiors

Main Entry 
 Living Room
 Living Room

 Bedroom and Bath1
 Bedroom 1
 Bath 2
 Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2

The Plan for Modern House 2 can be seen here.

The exteriors here.

Modern House Plan 2

This 1540 sf home is designed for  a down sloping hillside site.  Four half story levels cascade down within one large space. Each level is an activity area allowing separation between uses while creating a spacious interior without walls to maximize the view from a hillside site.  Each level is very compact utilizing built-in furniture and sliding doors where privacy is necessary.  The house is surrounded on three sides by 5 levels of deck to offer a variety of outdoor spaces depending on wind and sun conditions.  Stepping the decks down allow views from inside to not be impacted by handrails.

The main entry is axial to the house and allows a guest to see the view as soon as they enter.  The kitchen and dining flank either side of this axis while a final stair down opens to the main living area which itself opens on either side to the outdoor decks.  A landing up to the main bedroom is wrapped with counters and storage for work space or hobbies.

The second bedroom is actually a mini-apartment in it's own right making it useful for long term guests, house sharing, adult child or a care giver for an older resident.  Access is right off the front door allowing a person to come and go without disturbing the other resident.

Exterior views of this plan can be seen here.

Interior views can be seen here.