Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Contemporary House Plan 2

Ground Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

This contemporary house design is 1,966 SF, 80 feet deep and 38 feet wide. The plan may suit a single person, a couple or as a retirement home. It is relatively small yet will feel very spacious with rooms opening onto rooms and a 15'6" high ceiling in the Great Room. The Loft above the Master Bedroom could be a media center, home office, or made into a third bedroom. The center of the house is Great Room with a kitchen and flanked by an outdoor courtyard on one side and a covered porch on the other. This allows a lot of light into the home and a direct connection with the outdoors without compromising privacy if place on a narrow city lot. The house can rely on natural ventilation because there is positive cross air flow in nearly all rooms, reducing dependency on air-conditioning in moderate climates.

The Garage Carport configuration allows use of the garage to be flexible, either for storage, workspace or "man cave". For those people with one car it can still be protected by the carport when the garage is used for other purposes, together with the advantage of being able to unload your stuff and get it inside while undercover on those rainy or snowy days.

The stair to the loft is actually cabinetry so all the space can be captured as storage or display space for the kitchen. All the halls in the house have windows on one side so they feel open and help connect the outside terraces with the inside. The laundry room has a 12' long counter so it can become a project area for art or crafts.

This is a plan that wraps a house around private outdoor spaces and gardens providing an efficient home with a very spacious open feel.


  1. Excellent looking house plan. Are you going to put a finished picture up when it's done? I'd love to see it.

    Juliette Samuel

  2. Thank you for your comment. This is a second in a series of designs we have been developing for single people, couples, or retired persons that want to downsize to a distinctive, efficient and flexible home. We now just have to find someone who would like to build one.