Thursday, January 21, 2016

Minimum House Plan 2

Building only what is necessary to live comfortably is the intent for this 695 sf house plan.  While most "Tiny Houses" are much smaller, a lot has to be sacrificed in terms of storage and livability.  This design is intended for a couple or single person.  The open living space is apportioned based on the spatial needs of each activity, and not any more.  The Kitchen/Dining area is the largest since that is where most people congregate when entertaining, cooking or eating. The sitting area is compact and intimate for conversation.  The sleeping area is the tightest with more space allocated to abundant closets and storage in the dressing area.  Overnight guests can be accommodated on either banquet with sliding doors providing visual privacy to the bed area.  The bathroom has access from either the bed or guest areas.

A large covered terrace increases not only the usable space within the house but also the visual sense of spaciousness of a very small footprint.  The simple dramatic roof line creates a 12 foot high window wall at the end, opening views to the sky or surrounding trees.  Low band windows are used to create a panoramic view outside while a person is seated - without having to provide so much glass as to compromise energy efficiency.

A carport is used so it can also be utilized as more covered outdoor space.  Storage of that "stuff" which accumulates in a garage can be organized in an adjacent wall of bulk storage closets.

Building small can result in a very comfortable living space.  Building only what is needed saves both personal resources and natural resources.

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This design and presentation was done with Archicad 19.

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  1. nice work. This design reminds me of Palmer & Krisel on the exterior and Ed Fickett on the interior. The build in seating is great!