Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mobile Cabin Two

This design takes the Mobile Cabin design one step further by adding a separate bedroom module, expanding the sleeping capacity to 8 people. The first module has an expanded Living and Dining area as well as a larger Kitchen, while still keeping the full bathroom so that the couch surfaces can be used for sleeping.  This open design creates a "great room" that is 24' long, and by using the typical RV slide out, over 10' wide.   It will have a very spacious feel despite it's total living area of 544 sq. ft.  Probably too big to be considered a "Tiny House", more of a "Minimum House", that is very comfortable and livable while still offering the mobility to to be moved to a variety of locations as a vacation retreat.

The design of the Mobile Cabin can be seen here.  For another Mobile Cabin Design see here.

Both cabin designs are shown set in the desert on the East side of Steens Mt. in the far SE corner of Oregon.

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