Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oregon Mountain Home

Photos by Rich Stroude

This large home is designed around a central lodge with extended building wings that have family bedrooms, garages and an attached guest house. The long stepped linear form allows this home to sit naturally at the edge of a mountain meadow. Separating the four garages into opposing wings on either side of a large stone entry porch reduces the impact of the garages on the street elevation of the home. The large roofs are broken down with gable and eyebrow dormers that also shade the large window areas. The mass of the building was further broken down with layers of local stone,wood shingles and wood siding -- with the stone at the bottom creating a foundation for the house to sit in the landscape or winter snow. Deep wood trim made up of layers of individual wood members on the eaves and gables makes the roof look visually substantial enough to bear the heavy snow load. Both the stone and shingle siding flare out at the bottom to further express the substantial character of the house and is inspired by some of the distinctive Cascade Mountain lodges built as WPA projects during the depression.

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