Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oregon Coast House Construction 2

This house was designed from the inside out. The coastline views from it's bluff top location are stunning. The design lays out each room, not only to have a view of the ocean, but to experience a panoramic view of the ocean and coastline. The house is now framed up and the windows and doors are installed.

The pictures above show the view from the main floor living areas. No matter where you are you see the full panorama of the coastline.

The two photos above show how the two guest bedroom upstairs capture the view.

The Oregon Coast is regularly pounded by hurricane force winds in the winter so the window wall is created by using a collection of smaller windows set in the framing to reduce the size of unsupported glass exposed to the wind. Additionally, steel framing reinforces the tall walls facing the ocean. Nearly all windows facing the ocean are fixed to better resist wind driven rain, with operable windows located on the sides out of the direct wind.

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